The number one cause of death among the elderly and small children is respiratory problems, due to the smoke of the fires built on the floor of homes. We install a simple wood-burning stove and pipe the smoke to the outside. The stove takes about a fourth of the wood that it takes to build a fire on the floor. As in everything we do, this is a wonderful open door to share Jesus with the people. When they know you care enough to help them physically, they will listen to what you have to say spiritually.
Medical teams are a great opportunity for the poor to see a doctor. Often they go untreated for serious problems for the lack of money, and the distance to travel to a national or public hospital. The medical teams are a huge blessing to the people. Not only do they treat their illnesses, they also provide spiritual counseling as well as a heart to hear their problems.
We have been given the privilege to go into the government village schools. In the past we provided a warm breakfast drink to the children each morning and clean drinking water. This opened many doors for us to take teams in to minister to the children spiritually through Vacation Bible School, or simply for a few hours of Bible stories, singing, games and refreshments. It is often hard to get out of the vehicles because the children are so excited to see us coming.