Who we are

Who we are

We are Charlie and Pat Reynolds from the great state of Texas.  We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you and to tell you a little about our calling to this wonderful country of Guatemala, which is often called the “Land of Eternal Spring.”

For the first eighteen years of our married life Charlie served as pastor to churches in Texas and New Mexico.  At the end of those eighteen years, we both knew that life as we had known it was over.   Charlie resigned as pastor of the church where we were serving and enrolled in the West Central Texas Council of Governments, Abilene, Texas.  This looked like a strange thing to do, but we both knew that God had opened this door for us.  We just were not sure why.

Upon graduation from the police academy in Abilene, we moved to Snyder, Texas. There Charlie worked for the Scurry County Sheriff’s Department for the next eleven and a half years, after which time he ran for Justice of the Peace and won the position.

In 1999, Charlie traveled to Guatemala with our pastor and another couple in our church for what was supposed to be just another mission trip—no more, no less. But that trip to Guatemala served as the catalyst that God used to change the whole course of our lives.

For the next few months, after returning home from Guatemala, there was no peace in Charlie’s heart. One Wednesday afternoon, Charlie walked into the kitchen where I was preparing lunch and said, “Well, Mom, are you ready to go to Guatemala?” My answer actually shocked him because I said, “As a matter of fact, I am.”

Within the next four months, we sold or gave away all of our belongings, kissed our children and grandchildren good-bye and started out in our 1992 Trooper to a land that we did not know and for a reason that God had not yet revealed.  All that God had told us was that we were to go as Abraham had gone and as we went He would show us what we were to do.

It is with excitement that we share with you where God has led us these eleven years.  For four and a half years Charlie traveled the nations of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador training the police in defensive tactics in their academies and police stations, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and giving out Bibles. During those years we saw many come to know Jesus as Savior. Knowing this will help you understand why those years in law enforcement in the States were crucial. Charlie’s stateside credentials have opened many doors in Central America that would have otherwise been closed.

God has since closed the door for Charlie working with the police, but He has opened up other doors.  As you look at our website, we hope that you find what we are doing in Guatemala worthy of your commitment. We pray, that along with us, you will take ownership of what God is doing here.