Missionary Conferences and Retreats

Every year we are privileged to host Joy in Jesus, a retreat for missionary women.

Joy in Jesus is a group of West Texas women that come to Guatemala each year simply to bless the missionary ladies laboring in the mission field. They come with teaching of the Word, praise and worship, one on one counseling, and intersession. The missionaries go away rested with hearts renewed, and purpose redefined.

A common phrase that we hear is, “This retreat is the highlight of my year. I knew if I could make it to Joy in Jesus, I would find strength to go on.”

We also offer marriage and freedom ministry conferences for missionary couples. These conferences are very encouraging to our missionary community. Often it is hard for the missionaries to open up to anyone about their problems. His Appointed Time Ministries offers a safe place with extreme confidentiality. We are very careful with whom we invite to minister to the missionaries.